Jenny & Tyler

IJM are criminals putting innocent people in Jail, SICK!!! Preaching their morals on others and they don't walk the talk!!! U support IJM U support crimes, ask Haugen why he refuses to meet with his victims and why he refuses to answer communication!!! If he donogood organisation is so fantastic why is he hiding!!! DO you know that his group IJM HIRES minors from social government to PLANT and use as Complainants against innocent people, YES IJM rents them as it wont show in the statistics and donations that they commit these crimes it just says RESCUED!!! Haugen is the modern day Hitler!!

Jenny & Tyler responded on 10/02/2013

The information you quoted is completely inaccurate. Where are you getting this? Our experience with IJM has shown us quite the opposite. We have many friends that work for IJM, have visited headquarters multiple times, and have participated in quite a few events. They are doing amazing work and have set thousands of people free!
To compare Gary Haugen to Hitler is completely ridiculous. Hitler exterminated a race of people. Haugen is working to stand up for the poor and oppressed. To give a voice to the voiceless, to give a face to the faceless. Haugen is present at most of the events that IJM holds. We've spoken with him multiple times. He travels to the field offices and meets many clients. It would be impossible and financially irresponsible to meet them all. He is in no way hiding.
We hope you'll do further research before you make such sweeping accusations.

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